Credit Repair Services

Credit Repair ServicesCredit repair services are companies who offer to help consumers repair everything related to their credit like its history, scores and report. For individuals who choose to have professionals manage their credit disputes they turn to these companies. There are two types of credit repair services and these are: credit repair law firms and credit repair companies. Credit repair companies are well acquainted about all that is to know about consumer credit rights. To test whether you chosen credit repair company is a legit one they will give you a definite promise as to when your credit repair service will be repaired.

Shop around and research on the internet about your “target” credit repair company that will really help you to recover financially. Or you can take a look below at our top 3 rated credit repair services. If you do credit repair on your own there are some risks involve since you are not familiar with how the credit bureaus and credit disputes work so it is better to get somebody who knows the ins and outs of credit repair. You must also study about consumer rights and anything that you can use if you do the credit repairing yourself.

The law  has made specific rules and regulations for consumer protection. Because of the proliferation of some scam credit repair companies who take your money and disappear from the face of the planet, a law was passed to clean up the credit repair industry. A reputable legal credit repair service will not charge you money upfront if they are following the law. They can only ask you to pay when they have help you to repair your credit history and scores as well as reports.

Credit repair companies are professionals who has the reputation of finding ways on removing errors in your credit report.  Having professionals on your side can help you make your credit situation better than it was before. One way to gauge if you have the best credit repair company is through its former clients testimonials. To avoid confusion narrow down your list to two credit repair companies that has met the criteria that you are searching for. It is good to choose a credit repair service that has been there for  the longest time since they will not stay in this market if they are doing a sloppy way of  repairing people’s credit in the past.

In a given worse case scenario credit repair service companies  may not be able to clear your debt for you but they can ensure that your credit score will reflect your situation fairly. A remarkable credit repair service can give you the best service, speedy resolution and best possible value for your money. If you are in doubt that your chosen credit repair service company can deliver what it had promised by law you can cancel your contract with them within 3 business days from the date that you signed the contract with them.  Below are our top rated credit repair services.

Our Top Credit Repair Services

#1 Sky Blue

Sky Blue Credit Repair ServicesSky Blue Credit is one of the top ten credit repair companies available today.  Since they are registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) you are assured that they have good reputation. This credit repair company is based in Delray Beach Florida. In business since 1989 they have developed a very solid credit repair reputation. With their good customer support even if you feel overwhelm with your credit debts the staff is well experienced to assist you and patiently explain the credit repair process. Their level of dedication to give you the best service is impeccable.

  • Offers a solid refund policy in case you don’t get the services that they promised you would
  • Not a single complaint from consumers with the Better Business Bureau(BBB)
  • One simple service plan which encompasses all your credit repair needs
  • Best satisfaction 100% money back guarantee with refund policy
  • Show great results and get tough items deleted like Tax Liens
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • 20 years of experience in credit repair service
  • Super easy to sign up with their online service
  • Provides discount for couples
  • You can cancel your services anytime

No cons seen so far.
Pricing and Service Levels:

  • One Simple All Inclusive Plans: $49 a month plus a onetime $79 setup fee. For this amount you will get unlimited disputes, unlimited creditor intervention and collector intervention
  • Discounts given for Couples: 50% which applies to both monthly fees and setup.
  • Other Consulting Services for No Extra Hidden Cost:
  • Student Loan Consolidation and Rehabilitation
  • Assistance on new credit building
  • Assistance with Debt Collection Problems

Credentials and Ethical Standards:

  • Commitment to ethical and legitimate credit repair services
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act certified
  • Credit Repair Services since 1989
  • Better Business Bureau accreditation


With Sky Blue credit you will not need to worry about choosing an excellent credit repair service. They provide interventions and validations in an effective manner.  What makes them special is they treat your credit problem as their own. Their combination of detailed attention and mastery of the relevant laws makes them one of the best in the credit repair industry. For individuals who are looking for a good credit repair company Sky Blue is the perfect choice. Their extensive knowledge of the Federal credit laws can help you attain a better credit score. To attest to this one satisfied client amongst the thousands that they have help had said that after seven months his FICO score went from 601 to 733 with 17 deletions of negative items on credit history.  To view my full Sky Blue review please click here.

Business Contact Information:  Sky Blue Credit

Principal:     Mr. James Kemish, President

Address: 131 N. Swinton Avenue Delray Beach Florida 33444


#2 Ovation

Ovation Credit Repair ServicesOvation Credit Services was established on 2004, they are formerly known as Ovation Law. They are located in Jacksonville, Florida and are a member of the Better Business Bureau of good standing. Ovation Credit Services was founded by two lawyers and has grown quickly since then. Ovation specializes in credit repair processes, legal expertise and guaranteed customer service. This company provides a customized approach on how they handle their clients. Each client has their own paralegal assigned to them. Their clients are given their toll free hotline so that they can get in touch with their paralegals.

  • Founded by lawyers who are familiar with credit repair laws
  • Unlimited dispute letters
  • Minor complaints from consumers with the Better Business Bureau(BBB)
  • 24/7 access to your account via online dispute manager
  • Best satisfaction 100% money back guarantee with refund policy
  • Licensed, Bonded and Registered with the Attorney General
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • 6 years of experience in credit repair service
  • Super easy to sign up with their online service
  • Free initial evaluation
  • Provides 20% discount for couples
  • •    No Risk Refund Policy

Some complaints with BBB but this is overshadowed by their records of credit repaired.
Pricing and Service Levels:

  • Essentials program offered for $87 for the first work and $37 per month until the work is complete. This program covers all the bases of typical credit report issues which allows you to dispute any item on your credit report that you think is inaccurate.
  • Essentials Plus program is offered for $87 for the first work fee and $57 for the monthly work completed in the previous month. This program offers additional benefits such as letter of recommendation from their in-house lawyer for future credit approvals.

Other Add on Services:

  • Fast track/ Top Priority service additional onetime fee of $25
  • Identity Optimization additional onetime fee of $25

Credentials and Ethical Standards:

  • Commitment to ethical and legitimate credit repair services
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act certified
  • Credit Repair Services since 2004
  • Better Business Bureau accreditation


With Ovation law you will not need to worry about choosing an excellent credit repair service. They provide interventions and validations in an effective manner.  They may be not yet that well known but they have an edge of having fantastic customer service responsiveness. Their combination of detailed attention, personalized service and mastery of the relevant laws makes them one of the best in the credit repair industry. Their extensive knowledge of the Federal credit laws can help you attain a better credit score.  To view my full Ovation review please click here.

Business Contact Information:  Ovation Law

Address: 9310 Old Kings Road South Suite 404 Jacksonville Florida 32257




#3 Lexington Law

Lexington Law - Credit Repair ServicesEvery person experiences their own tough times in life. The combination of numerous stress causing factors such as lost of a job, being sick and the bills are piling up seems hopeless. Some individuals have been subjected to credit account charged off which are sent to collection agencies. If your life is similar to this the best thing to do before you are subjected to more ordeals is to ask for help from a reputable credit repair service company. Lexington Law credit repair service is one of the best in this field. Their lawyers can help you fight to remove negative items from your credit reports so that your credit score can be restored to health. Lexington law will not rest until you are satisfied with your credit report results. Lexington has helped over 500,000 clients to improve their credit. You are in control of which items to dispute on your credit report. They have paralegals to work on your credit repair with the three credit bureaus. Their lawyers oversee the credit repair process to assist you if any complex thing arises. Lexington Law also offers a pay as you go feature that allows you to pay for service on a monthly basis. Pros:

  • 19 years of experience with over 500,000 clients served up to date
  • Excellent Better Business Bureau(BBB) record with no unresolved issues
  • Millions of bad credit removals. An average of 8.7 removals from combined credit reports by month 3 and 28.6 removals by month 12
  • Offers special discount for couples
  • Offers free consultation
  • Offers money back guarantee


Some complaints with the BBB but this is an insignificant number when you compare this to the amount of bad credit deletions that they had accomplished which is over 650,000 in 2008. Pricing and Service Levels:

  • Lexington Regular: $99.95 setup fee and $49.95 per month
  • Concord Standard: $99.95 setup fee and $69.95 per month
  • Concord Premier: $99.95 setup fee and $89.95 per month
  • Offers 50% discount for couples

Other Consulting Services for No Extra Hidden Cost:

  • In the Concord service levels you have an access to goodwill interventions, escalated information requests and debt validation
  • In the Concord Premier Service level you have Report Watch access which helps to monitor your credit report which can also help you with a monthly credit score analysis which can help you improve your credit scores. You are also given an identity theft insurance with this package

Credentials and Ethical Standards:

  • Credit repair services since 1995
  • Better Business Bureau accredited

Conclusion: If you want a solid legal basis for your credit repair concerns Lexington Law provides the best solution. Having experienced lawyers working with your credit repair gives you an advantage on dealing with the companies that report your credit history to the credit bureaus. Lexington is the true pioneer of online credit repair services.  To view my full Lexington Law review please click here.

Business Contact Information:  Lexington Law

Address: 180 E. 5th Street Tucson, AZ 85705-0001

The current lending industry is entirely dependent on credit. You go to a lender to take out a mortgage loan or a debt consolidation loan or an insurance policy, the lender will first ask you to show him your credit report. Not only do the loan lending institutions ask for your credit score but also the employers, landlords and many other people who prefer transacting with people who have been responsible with their finances. Your credit score is a three-digit number that speaks about your financial decisions. A poor credit score will directly mean that you couldn’t manage your money in the way it should have been and if a lender sees a poor credit score, he will never lend you loan at a favorable interest rate. Since there is a risk of defaulting, they will keep themselves safe by charging you high interest rates.

Nowadays, as people have become excessively dependent on credit, it is crucial for you to understand the mechanism of personal credit reports and credit rating. The concerns of this article will deal with what a credit score is, how it has been determined, why it is vital and some important tips to maintain good credit score.

Your credit rating – What is it?

When you use credit, you usually borrow money that you resolve to pay back within a stipulated time period. A credit score is nothing but a statistical process that is used to determine the possibility of an individual repaying the money that he has borrowed. The credit bureaus that create such scores usually go through different evaluation systems, each of them are based on various factors. While some may take into account only the information that is there in your credit report, some others may investigate some other data for computing your credit score.

The most important factors that are taken into account while calculating your credit scores are his credit payment history, time length of his credit history, current debts, credit type mix and the frequency of applications for taking out new credit. Since the scoring systems are based on differing criteria, the 3 major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion might provide you with different scores that are based on the same credit information.

What is it that makes up your credit score?

Whenever you borrow money, your lender will send that information to the credit bureau which keeps getting detailed in the form of a credit report. It will speak about how well you’ve handled your debt in the near past. From the information on the report, the reporting agency will determine a score which is based on some of the major factors: your previous performance of credit, present level of indebtedness, the time throughout which credit has been in use, the types of credit that have been available and whether or not you’re in the pursuit of credit, weighing 35%, 30%, 15%, 15% and 5% respectively on your credit score.

This clearly shows that your credit rating is the most affected by the propensity of paying off your debt. Though there are more than one ways in which you can boost your credit score, the fact that you show a past without debts is the easiest way of enhancing your credit score. Maintaining a low level of indebtedness and having a long credit history will help boost your credit score.

Why is your credit rating crucial?

Whenever you apply for a mortgage, credit card or even an insurance policy, your credit rating is checked. Credit reporting makes it easier for the stores to accept checks and for banks to issue credit and debit cards to manage their operations. It is on your credit score that the lenders will determine what risk you pose to them. As per the financial theory, enhanced credit risk will mean higher interest rates on your loans as the lenders will try to keep themselves safe in the event of you defaulting on the loans.

Vital tips to maintain a good credit score

Have a look at some important tips to boost your credit score.

  • Make timely loan payments and repay the exact amount
  • Avert whipping off more than your credit limit as this spoils your credit score
  • Avoid ignoring overdue bills and call your creditors whenever needed
  • Stay aware of the type of credit that you have
  • Maintain low outstanding debt
  • Limit the total number of credit applications
  • Provide creditors with a long historical frame for reviewing

Hence, now that you know the system in which your credit reports work, make sure you take all the required steps to maintain a clean and immaculate report. Take out a credit card debt consolidation loan to repay debts so that they don’t pull down your score.

If you are even slightly familiar with the payment protection insurance scandal, you will know that millions of people are receiving PPI refunds.  But did you know that many of those people were unaware that they even had PPI?

An investigation a few years ago discovered widespread misspelling of PPI in a way that violated industry regulations. So far, billions of pounds have been set aside by banks to cover the cost of paying back customers, yet many people who have been mis-sold PPI and are eligible for refunds have still not made a claim.

Could you have or ever had PPI? We have years of experience helping thousands of people make successful claims, so why not let us help you get your money back?

About PPI refunds

Lenders have been routinely selling payment protection insurance to those taking out credit or mortgages. PPI is a type of insurance that will cover your monthly repayments on a credit product if you suffer accident, injury, sick or job loss that renders you unable to pay your creditors monthly sums. The insurance itself was suitable for some people, as it provided insurance cover that gave peace of mind.

However, after a number of customers raised complaints an investigation revealed big problems in the way lenders were selling these PPI policies. A number of mis-selling tactics were used, and all affected customers are entitled to PPI refunds. If you were mis-sold PPI and have yet to claim, it is recommended that you do so as soon as you can.

PPI mis-selling and if you can claim

All the people who were mis-sold a PPI policy are entitled to claim PPI refunds. When you took out the loan, you should have been made fully aware that you had a right to seek out better PPI rates from somebody other than the lender. Many credit providers neglected to do so and instead made customers believe that they were compelled to take out the lender’s own expensive policy.

Other mis-selling tactics include selling PPI policies that were not applicable to the customer due to customer being over the eligible age limits or self-employed employment status. The most inexcusable mis-selling was when sales staff were not even telling the customer they were being given a PPI policy at all and it was just added on to the customer’s monthly repayment without their knowledge.  PPI sometimes made up around up to a third of the original credit amount, therefore the premiums added to the amount and length of the customer’s borrowing, and the interest they had to pay.

How to get started with your claim

With us, its as simple as filling in this ppi claims form.  We understand some individuals may have reservations about using a claims company, but rest assured, our aim is first and foremost to help customers get the justice they deserve and have the money that is rightfully owed to them.

We have helped thousands of people successfully get PPI refunds on policies that were mis-sold. We will treat your case on a no win no fee* basis, so you won’t lose money in the event your claim does not prove successful.

Our UK based experienced team of claims handlers are ready to answer all your questions and help you get things started. The average refund is £2750 per policy and you may have been mis-sold multiple policies, so it is worth making a claim as soon as possible.

Recruitment is on the up in the UK – but the financial sector trend is uneven.

One of the most tangible features of the economic recovery has been the plunging level of unemployment.

Although the downward trend began when the economy was still teetering on the brink of a double-dip recession, the arrival of a real recovery with substantial growth has seen much more movement. In the 12 months to June 2014, the tally of jobless individuals fell by 437,000 to 2.08 million.

Naturally, this has seen vacancies rising substantially. In the three months to July, the number of vacancies rose to 656,000, up 19,000 on the three months to April and 119,000 in the same period in 2013.

The number of unemployed persons per vacancy also fell, down to a ratio of 3.2 in the second quarter of 2014, compared with 4.7 a year before and 5.4 in the April to June 2012 period.

For those seeking accounting and finance jobs, the number of vacancies has also risen, but in recent times this has plateaued. In the May to July quarter of 2012 comma the finance and insurance sector had 22,000 vacancies, with this increasing gradually to a peak of 34,000 in the three months to May 2014.

This figure dropped to 33,000 in the three months to June and 32,000 in July, but similar short-term falls have occurred against a backdrop of longer-term increases.

For example, in mid-2013 there was a fall from 27,000 in the March to May quarter to 25,000 two months later, and a slight dip from 30,000 to 29,000 as 2013 overlapped into 2014. Therefore, it may be reasonable to expect that the present situation could be another downward blip followed by a more extended increase.

Nonetheless, such a situation may be a good indicator that those seeking new posts in the financial sector cannot simply assume that the vacancies will simply pile up, enabling a series of applications to be sent off in the knowledge that these will generate some interviews and at least one offer.

Using finance recruitment services is a good way of maximising the chances of those seeking a role in the sector, as the advice of experts can help ensure candidates are given the best chance of success and making the most of guidance on improving their CV and interview advice.

One factor those seeking finance jobs must consider is that competition from other candidates may include a great deal of experience, as well as qualifications – like formal professional ones in areas like accountancy. This will include people who may have left the sector during the financial crisis but want to come back, or those made redundant at currently struggling institutions, one company in the North West has shed 21 per cent of its workforce in the last year and expects to make more redundant this year.

So with plenty of candidates around and vacancy levels uneven from month to month, it may pay to use the skills of recruitment experts to get ahead.

Looking for accounting and finance jobs within UK? Contact Marks Sattin today. Founded in 1988, Marks Sattin takes pride in being one of the oldest privately owned recruitment consultancies with presence in 9 cities across UK, Russia, Australia and Singapore.

If you’re someone who is having trouble paying your bills, you’re not alone. Although there are many signs that indicate an upturn in the economy, yet there are many Americans who are up to their eyeballs in credit card debt. Not everyone can work overtime and have a second job in order to pay down debt. There comes in the necessity for seeking help of the professional debt relief options. And that is where we talk about debt consolidation.


When you owe debt on several loans and you can’t manage the sky-high interest rates and the multiple checks that you have to write each month, debt consolidation seems to be the perfect option for you. With its pitch of lower monthly payments, revised interest rates and a consolidated check once in a month, debt consolidation seems to have become one of the most popular debt relief options in the market. But the underlying question is whether or not debt consolidation is the ultimate relief to your financial woes or is just a way to delay the inevitable.


Debt consolidation – Is it the ultimate panacea or a continuation of your fiscal woes?


When you’re getting the opportunity to make a single monthly payment and pay off your total outstanding debt throughout an extended period of time, who would think of taking resort to any other option? But is this option the ultimate solution to all your financial problems or is it just a temporary relief and is doing nothing apart from delaying the inevitable? This is something that very few people wonder about before taking the plunge into the debt consolidation bandwagon.


Once you seek help of debt consolidation companies or take out a debt consolidation loan, you immediately repay all your hungry creditors with the proceeds of the loan. Once they’re paid off, you start repaying the new loan. What is the interest rate of the new loan? How much is the term of the new loan extended for your convenience? Did you calculate whether paying the lowered interest rate for the extended time period doesn’t end up with an amount which is more than what you had primarily owed? Well, most often, this is what happens with the credit card debtors. They feel that they’re saving money due to the lowered interest rate but little do they remember that their repayment term is also extended at the same time and paying that interest rate through a longer time period may result in paying more.


Controversial remarks on debt consolidation


There are critics who say that the fact that debt consolidation saves interest and offers you a smaller payment is nothing but a myth. The truth is that debt consolidation is danger and it treats only the symptom. With consolidation, you think you’ve done something about your debt problem but the fact is that the debt is still there and so are the habits that caused you to fall in debt. You just moved your debt from one loan to another. You can’t ever dig out of a hole by digging out the bottom. True debt help is not so easy and quick. Taking out a debt consolidation loan and using the money to pay off your creditors is more like playing with a fire ball.


Larry Burkett, an eminent financial author believes that debt isn’t the problem, it is rather the symptom. Debt is in fact the symptom of overspending and undersaving. Hence, unless and until you treat the reasons or the financial habits that lead to debt, you will never be able to get out of the problem.


A financial plan is the key to success


A person who works for a debt consolidation firm says that the company’s internal statistics estimate that 78% of the time, after a person consolidates his debt, the debt grows back. What is the reason? It is very simple. This occurs because the person doesn’t have a safe game plan or rather a financial plan following which he can keep debts at bay. So, this clearly implies that debt consolidation is not the ultimate solution for your debt problems. The main thing that matters is the requirement of a well-proof financial plan.

Soon after you consolidate your debts, you need to start planning your next financial moves. Are you still spending more than your means? Are you still tucking aside money under the mattress? Are you still using your credit cards even when you don’t use them? These are some questions that you need to ask yourself before coming to the conclusion that you’re out of danger.


Hence, whenever you see that you’ve fallen back on your current monthly payments, you should immediately seek help of a professional debt relief agency. Don’t be late and wait till your accounts are handed over to the debt collection agencies. Protect your credit score in order to get loans at a reasonable rate in the near future.


Meta des: Is debt consolidation the ultimate solution to your monetary woes? Check out what’s the key to success.

Unlike many subjects, economics doesn’t automatically spring up in the mind a list of possible career opportunities. Compare economics degree careers with marketing, and you would realize that it will be easy for you to name dozens of jobs in the latter case, wherein the former will leave you thinking hard. However, there’s no dearth of career opportunities for those who have economics degrees. At its very core, the subject is about analyzing the costs and benefits of any decision, and that’s precisely what smart people are supposed to do in every decision they take for a corporate set up.

Deal with other people’s money! 

There are so many investment banking firms that offer good paying jobs to economics degree holders. Clients of these firms are individuals with millions worth of funds, and that makes these jobs high stake. Consequently, the remunerations tend to be pretty good, although the working hours turn out to be scarily long! Also, you might want to consider the fact that reputed investment banking firms only consider candidates with GPAs more than 7, that too from the top 10 colleges of a country, for such jobs. This is because such high profile jobs are more ideally suited for candidates specialized in finance.

Seek safe and secure federal government jobs in statistical applications upon numbers 

Any graduate and post graduate in economics would appreciate the lengths and breadths of mathematical equations and calculations that advanced economics comprises. This is from where you might find several roads leading to economics degree careers. Mostly, government jobs that require statistical applications are open for economics graduates and post graduates. The salaries are not as huge as those associated with investment banking jobs, but the stability of income and the fact that you can enjoy pretty much stress free work more than make up for it.

Teach what you have learnt  

This might come across as the most obvious and easily approachable career path for graduates and post graduates in economics. Teaching jobs for this subject are not tough to find, as most business and finance related courses have different levels of the subject included in the mix. Moreover, there are different levels wherein the job can be sought. An economics graduate can get a teaching job in a school, and a post graduate can find a job in colleges. Again, the salaries are not exactly huge, but you do not have to grey your hairs in order to deliver on your job.


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